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Highlights of England

While England is well known for its rich history and its exuberant culture, it is also known for its majestic landscapes and mysterious monuments. Come discover the ancient beauty and wonder of Stonehenge or visit one of England's enchanting castles. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of its capital city London or explore the rugged coastlines and mountainsides. Take delight in the medieval enchantment in the city of York or admire the simple charms and natural beauty of the countryside with quaint cottages, rolling hills and fields of green. England welcomes its guests with alluring adventure and exciting journeys just waiting to unfold before your eyes!

Honeymoons in England

Luxurious splendor, timeless charms and romantic ambiance can all be experienced while honeymooning in England! From quaint bed and breakfasts to grand castle hotels, and lavish resorts to quiet cottages in the countryside, England has something for every couple. Couples can stroll through magnificently designed manicured gardens hand in hand, celebrate with the locals in a pub, cuddle up by the fireplace in their hotel room and enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight in an enchanting restaurant. For the more adventurous, couples can take a ghost tour in a medieval city after dark, take part in a bicycling excursion in the lush mountainside, enjoy the surf of the beach or explore the rocky coastline. The beginning of your happily ever after awaits you in England!

Destination Weddings in England

England is the perfect location for your destination wedding with verdant green fields, elegant palaces, breathtaking gardens and spectacular, centuries-old churches and cathedrals! Exchange your vows of everlasting love in a stunning leafy green park, at a majestic medieval castle, in the elegance of a traditional church or amongst a lush garden in a cottage in the countryside. No matter where you decide to marry, the possibilities are endless and your dream destination wedding will be perfect!

Weather & Climate

The weather in England is unpredictable since the surrounding sea may bring sunshine one day and rain the next. During the winter months, temperatures are averaged at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and England experiences rainy days and some snow depending on the region. The summer months' temperatures average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) but can warm up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). Rainfall is experienced throughout the year on this island country but the driest months are February to March (winter to early spring).

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Time Zone: England's time zone is WET (Western European Time Zone) UTC (GMT) +0 hours. In the UK, Daylight Saving Time is referred to as BST (British Summer Time) and is observed in the summer months.Language: The main language of England is English.Currency: England's currency is the pound sterling (Great British Pound or GBP). ATM's are available and Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted. Visitors who arrive without currency can go to banks and large hotels to exchange currency.Entry Requirements: Entry requirements for England may vary. Citizens of European countries are required to present their national identity card with a photo. US Citizens are required to present a valid passport that will not expire within the 2 months after their travel dates, along with proof of the return back (a round-trip airplane ticket).
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