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Highlights of Cyprus

Cyprus welcomes you to a lover's paradise, with warm sand beaches surrounded by the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea and majestic mountains adorned with lush natural flora. Surrounded by the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, the island of Cyprus boasts diverse beauty and rich culture offering visitors an array of activities and events for leisure, exploration, relaxation and romance. Cyprus has a myriad of towns and cities that are drenched in history, stores and restaurants, hotels and resorts and the qualities of Mother Nature's majesty just waiting to be discovered.

Honeymoons in Cyprus

Also known as the Island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, a honeymoon in Cyprus could not be any more perfect than your new lives together. This honeymooner's paradise boasts pristine beaches, alluring azure waters, endless blue skies, lush mountain trails and majestic sunsets creating an enchanting backdrop for any couple. The hotels and resorts in Cyprus offer honeymoon packages for couples looking for that extra intimate indulgence. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, snorkeling among colorful corals and fish, sightseeing, or relaxing with a massage for two. You can explore the forest while hiking down lush mountain trails, take part in exciting excursions, shop around for souvenirs or tantalize your palate at local restaurants or cafes. Make your honeymoon be the vacation that you have always dreamed of, unforgettable and romantic, charming and enchanting!

Destination Weddings in Cyprus

Breathtaking beaches, stunning green mountains and exotic surroundings make Cyprus one of the most beautiful unspoiled destinations to exchange your vows of love! Charming beachfront hotels and luxurious resorts offer intimate options and destination wedding packages that are tailored to fit your every desire. A beach wedding promises you a majestic backdrop of natural island beauty and creates magical moments that you will cherish forever. A wedding in a medieval chapel will enhance your timeless romance and add a soft elegance to your beloved day. An evening wedding outdoors under a star-studded sky will leave an imprint upon the soul and your special shared moments will be frozen forever in time. In Cyprus, you will discover the beginning of a lifetime, a destination wedding in this lover's paradise!

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Language: The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish but English, French and German are widely spoken.Time Zone: Cyprus' standard time zone is UTC/GMT +2 hours and does observe Daylight Savings Time.Currency: The currency of Cyprus is the Euro and visitors who arrive without this currency can obtain Euros at any bank or exchange office. Hotels, stores and restaurants do accept credit cards.Entry Requirements: Entry requirements for Cyprus may vary. Citizens of European countries are required to present their national identity card with photo. US Citizens are required to present a valid passport.

Climate & Weather

The island of Cyprus enjoys sunshine almost all year long, due to its geographical position. The Mediterranean climate consists of hot and dry summer days from May to September and a warm, mild winter with some rain and cooler temperatures in the evening from November to March. Autumn and Spring presents a pleasant weather transition for both Winter and Summer on the island.

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