Highlights of Zambia

Zambia is a known for its renowned wildlife parks, the famous Victoria Falls, the majestic Muchinga Mountains and surrounding rivers, swamps and lakes abundant with amazing wildlife. Here, you will experience thrilling challenges as you explore the raw edge of Zambia, also known as the 'real' Africa. On your African holiday, you will discover breathtaking sights, sounds and the simplicity of its charm!

Destination Weddings in Zambia

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be just as perfect as you have envisioned it would be. Zambia offers the most romantic, idyllic settings for a unique, timeless and unforgettable destination wedding. Tie the knot on a river boat while flowing with the current and the calming lap waters serenades your special moments. Exchange vows in the heart of the wilderness while overlooking the lush natural beauty of this admirable jewel. Destination wedding packages and the services of wedding coordinators are available to enhance your destination wedding experience in Zambia!

Honeymoons in Zambia

Celebrate your new lives together with a honeymoon in Zambia! Accommodate yourselves in a honeymoon suite at one of the romantic private hideaway camps with breathtaking views and surrounding wildlife. Some camps will arrange a honeymoon dinner for two, a night sleeping under the stars or a sunset river cruise. Zambia is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples who have a sense for adventure and couples who love nature!

Weather & Climate

Zambia experiences moderate, warm temperatures all year round but has three seasons. The rainy hot season starts in December and ends in April. From May to August, Zambia experiences cool dry weather and between September and November the weather is hot and dry.

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Time Zone: Zambia's standard time zone is UTC/GMT +2 hours and daylight savings is not observed.Language: In Zambia, there are over 72 different languages spoken but the official language of Zambia is English. All businesses use English and Zambians can speak it fairly well.Currency: Entry Requirements: United States citizens are required to have a valid visa and passport to visit Zambia. A visa can be issued on arrival.
"Our guests loved it because they didn't have to tote a present half way around the world and they thought it was fun. We loved it because it was easy and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon."