Highlights of Botswana

Blessed with open spaces stretching out to the surrounding untamed wilderness, you will experience the serenity of adventure and the authority of diversity in this majestic destination. Botswana offers its visitors tranquil beauty, amazing wildlife, rich history and culture and friendly people with warming hospitality. Ranging from diamond-bearing formations, art museums and galleries, expansive savannahs, cascading rivers and sand valleys, you are sure to enjoy the excitement of exploration!

Destination Weddings in Botswana

Your wedding is defined as the most important day of your life and every aspect of it must be perfect. In Botswana, the destination wedding that you have always envisioned will take place in a setting of enchanting beauty. Take part in a spectacular safari wedding, in the delightful atmosphere of a national park with a streaming river creating the perfect backdrop. There are many destination wedding packages and wedding coordinators available to plan and arrange your beloved day into a timeless adventure that you will never forget!

Honeymoons in Botswana

Botswana is famous for its diverse landscape and the most romantic hideaways. Together you can experience stunning sunsets, star-studded skies, elegant dining and breathtaking scenery and animal life. There is something for every couple; accommodations ranging from colonial hotels, lavish suites with grand amenities and romantic lodges to luxury tented camps. You can share intimate moments while enjoying your honeymoon in Botswana!

Weather & Climate

Botswana experiences hot dry weather for most of the year but enjoys a rainy season in the summer months. Downpours may occur unexpectedly but the bright shining sun follows shortly after, in which most of the rainfall is evaporated. Summer begins in November and lasts until March with arid days and warm evenings. Winter starts in May and ends in August with warm days, cold nights, cloudy skies and the rainy season.

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Time Zone: The time zone of Botswana is UTC/GMT +2 hours and daylight savings is not observed.Language: Setswana is the national language of Botswana but English is the official business language of Botswana.Currency: Pula is the currency of Botswana and visitors who arrive without currency can obtain Pula at any bank, airport or exchange office.Entry Requirements: United States citizens do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days but all who enter Botswana must have a valid passport, return or onward tickets and sufficient funds to cover their stay in Botswana.
"Our guests loved it because they didn't have to tote a present half way around the world and they thought it was fun. We loved it because it was easy and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon."