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A small, lush tropical gem that is still relatively unknown, St Lucia is the sort of island that Caribbean honeymooners dream about. Receiving the World Travel Awards, "World's Best Weddings and Honeymoons Destination Award" for 3 years in row, makes St. Lucia the perfect location for your honeymoon or destination wedding.

St. Lucia Highlights

With its natural beauty, St. Lucia seems like as island plucked from the South Pacific and set down in the Caribbean. Its dramatic twin coastal peaks called "The Pitons" shelter breathtakingly beautiful rain forests, where fragrant wild orchids and vibrantly colored birds of paradise flourish. The islands steep coastlines and lovely reefs offer magnificent snorkeling and scuba diving, while St. Lucia's Soufriere volcano is the world's only dive-in volcanic crater. No matter what fairytale honeymoon or destination wedding you've dreamed of this 27 mile long island with crystal clear, warm waters and pearly white sand beaches has endless possibilities.

St. Lucia Honeymoons

Get special treatment on your honeymoon in one of St. Lucia's all-inclusive resorts which may include honeymoon suites, exotic cuisine, tropical concoctions, and even a bottle of chilled sparkling wine when you arrive. Let the warmth and charm of the people of St. Lucia welcome you to this tropical paradise island and offer you a broad array of exciting and romantic adventures.

Take a nature trail through one of the three exquisite botanical gardens, which present a riot of color, perfume and lush tropical vegetation. Hideaway together and follow a hiking trail through the estuarine tropical forest to a magical white sand beach and visit the Leatherback Turtles, or learn the St. Lucian way of life and visit Fond Latisab Creole Park where you will catch crayfish from a river, prepare cassava bread and watch the collecting of honey from a beehive all while a Chak Chak band plays traditional music in the background. Whether you are looking for romantic adventure or relaxation you will find it all on your St. Lucia honeymoon.

Destination Weddings in St. Lucia

Palm fringed beaches, elegant old plantation houses, soft tropical air, hypnotic steel band music, and the tantalizing aroma of the cuisine combined, all make destination weddings more magical than you can ever envision.

Most hotels in St. Lucia provide special facilities for soon-to-be-weds, even providing a private suite for the ceremony. Some wedding packages include your very own wedding coordinator who can help arrange for your stunning bridal bouquet, memorable photos, and a delicious wedding cake that will entice your taste buds. Whether you want to exchange your vows surrounded by lush tropical beauty or in a resort with breathtaking scenery, St. Lucia offers you the freedom of having your wedding just the way you dreamed it.

Facts for the Bride and Groom

Time Zone: St. Lucia is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time or 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.
Language: The primary language is English, but French based patois is widely spoken.
Currency: The currency of St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted throughout the island. International credit cards and debit cards with international logos are commonly accepted in large shopping centers and restaurants.
Passports: Effective 2007 all travelers must present a valid Visa or Passport to enter or leave St. Lucia.

The average weather in St. Lucia is between the 70s and 80s making it extremely convenient to have your destination wedding or honeymoon almost anytime of the year. During June through August, which is the hottest time of the year, temperatures can reach the 90s. Nighttime temperatures average between the 60s and 70s, and the rainy season is June through November. Trade winds provide relaxing breezes all year long, regardless of the season.

"Our guests loved it because they didn't have to tote a present half way around the world and they thought it was fun. We loved it because it was easy and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon."